Dear Matt,
Thanks for your letter and the photo of your football team. We play football at our school too, but my favourite sport is rugby. I love it!
I like French very much and I’m very good at Music, but I hate Geography. What subjects do you like and don’t you like? Who is your favourite teacher and why?
At home, I play a lot of video games. My favourite game is « half life ». Have you got video games at home? What’s your favourite game?
I don’t read a lot of books but I like science fiction, comics and sports magazines. What books do you read?
I collect stamps and I play the guitar. Do you play a musical instrument?
My favourite meal is fish and chips. I like hamburgers too. I’m not difficult but I don’t like milk and I hate coffee! What food do you like? What food don’t you like? What’s your favourite meal?
Write soon and tell me more about your hobbies.
All the best


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