Hello! My name’s Harry. I’m from London, in England. I’m twelve years old. This is my friend Sally. She’s from London too.
At home, I’ve got two dogs and three cats. My mum’s name is Penny and my dad’s name is Peter. Mum is thirty-seven years old and Dad is forty. We’ve got a big house and a big car (a Range Rover). It’s green and it’s very nice.
I am at Queens’ school in Hampstead near London with Sally. The school has got a swimming pool! It’s great!
We’ve got a school uniform. The blazer is green and the trousers are grey.

Harry: Look, Sally! It’s half past eight. The French teacher, Mr Leg is here.
Harry: Good morning, Mr Leg, how are you?
Mr Leg: Hello, Harry, I’m not very well today.
Harry: Oh, I’m sorry. But are we late?
Mr Leg: No, you aren’t. But where are your friends Lucy and Tom?
Harry: They are absent today


The school has got a …



swimming pool